New Workshop creation brings Call of Duty’s One in the Chamber to Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment/Treyarch

One creative Overwatch fan has recreated Black Ops One in the Chamber mode in the Workshop with all the same features as the Call of Duty mode.

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One in the Chamber started out as a wager match in Black Ops and has been featured in multiple Call of Duty games since, including Black Ops 4 as a limited time mode in February 2019.

Overwatch’s Workshop mode was released seemingly out of nowhere on April 24 and players have been putting out an endless stream of original games and content ever since.

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One in the Chamber: McCree style

Video of Overwatch’s One in the Chamber mode was posted to Reddit by user iejb and it seems to be an almost carbon-copy of the Call of Duty version.

Each player plays as McCree, for obvious reasons, and like in Call of Duty they only have one bullet that kills instantly, but it reloads with every kill they get.

To discourage camping and make it even more similar to the Call of Duty version, players positions are revealed once there are only two left.

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They even included a counter in the upper left that shows ammunition and what round the game is currently in.

For players interested in trying out Overwatch’s One in the Chamber the code is: ZKQVGV.

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Workshop: the best thing to happen to Overwatch?

Since it was released the new Workshop mode has proven to be a hit with players and a lot of people are saying it’s one of the best things to ever be added to the game.

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Players have already made third-person Overwatch, multiple D.Va mini-games and given Widowmaker tech from Rainbow 6 Siege, just to name a few.

The Workshop is technically still on the PTR, so it’s not available to console players just yet, but with the Anniversary event coming up, potentially in late May, we could see an update that brings it to the main game and all platforms.

Jeff Kaplan talked about the Anniversary event after the release of Storm Rising and even promised a new D.Va skin that will, according to him, “break the internet.”

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