Overwatch player designs explosive new hero in the Workshop

Activision Blizzard

An Overwatch player has developed a new hero using the tools in the game’s newest major feature, the Workshop.

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The Workshop is a scripting system that gives players the power to develop far more varied and intricate game modes than was previously possible with custom games.

Having been released to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24, players have already been using the feature to create some epic new game modes and recreate some classics from other titles with an Overwatch spin.

The depth of control that the Workshop gives players, however, means it’s possible to do more than make game modes. It also offers the opportunity to prototype entirely new heroes with new abilities.

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Activision BlizzardOverwatch Workshop allows players to create new maps or heroes for the game.

The Workshop doesn’t allow players to introduce new graphical elements, or adjust those that are already set in stone, so players can’t create a fully-fledged new hero. They can, however, test how it would play by changing the abilities and attributes of an existing hero.

Overwatch player Lunaar used Roadhog as his model to create a prototype for a new hero called Duke Skorvinski, a tank whose kit is based around the use of fire and explosives.

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Duke Skorvinski

Role – Tank

Primary fire – “Little Devil” – Flamethrower, deals damage over time

Ability 1 (shift) – “Anger Management” – Pick up a team-mate and throw them

Ability 2 (E) – “Burning Up” – Set yourself on fire but do 10% more damage

Ultimate – “Fire Ball” – Throw yourself in a direction and explode

Passive – “Combustion” – You and everyone around you are always on fire.

For players interested in trying out Duke, the creator code is: 724X6.

With Duke lacking a shield and having an ability that inflicts self-damage, it’s unlikely a character like this could function as a main tank, but as a flex tank he could provide some extra utility.

This is just the first of what will likely be many hero prototypes, however, and the new feature will allow players to take hero concepts to a whole new level. As well as designing a new hero’s look and story, those who want to can now test exactly how their hero’s abilities would work in the game itself.