Overwatch player expertly trolls fans with OW Mobile flip-phone “leak”

an image of overwatch on a mobile phonePixabay, Blizzard

While many are eager to dive into Overwatch 2, one crafty player trolled the Blizzard community by claiming to have Overwatch Mobile on their flip phone.

Long before the days of CoD Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, playing games on our phones wasn’t always this impressive.

Now, thanks to the advent of smartphones and the like, gaming on the go is an incredible luxury to enjoy.

Blizzard Entertainment’s competitive shooter Overwatch has yet to make the leap over to mobile though. However, for one ardent player, they’ve taken it upon themselves to make Overwatch Mobile a reality… or so it seems.

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Overwatch Mobile troll showcases “5 frames per second” gameplay

Forget using your iPhone or Android smartphone for gaming. Instead, look back to the days of the glorious flip phone. That’s what Redditor grantsco4117 has done, as they hilariously trolled the Overwatch community with what they claimed to be a playable version of Overwatch Mobile.

The footage transports you to the mid-2000s, as their equally gritty video quality showcases the Hero selection screen within the game.

Sadly, there isn’t any ‘gameplay’ to be seen, but if you squint you might just make out at least one frame per second. Impressive!

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Fellow Redditors were on point with their comments too, as one player said: “Yup. My uncle works at Nokia. He’s working hard for a 2019 launch. Wish him luck!”

XenonGale and many others were quick to note the questionable “5 frames per second” framerate: “Yo that’s cool, we playing the game at Frames per Day now?”

Redditor crusader104 suggested upgrading the OP’s hardware: “Brother if you get a sidekick you could get at least 3 more fph.”

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With the game already available on next-gen consoles and PC, another player joked about the cross-platform opportunities it presents: “It’s impressive that they have it running on a proper flip phone in this day and age. This is truly inclusion done right.”

An official version of Overwatch Mobile may on the cards someday, but for now, Overwatch 2 will satisfy the itch for some good old-fashioned fun.