Overwatch player discovers powerful Widowmaker spot on Dorado

Joe O'Brien

An Overwatch player discovered a potentially powerful location that Widowmaker can reach on Dorado.

Known for his creative tactics, u/andygmb’s latest discovery is that with a well-placed Grappling Hook, it turns out Widowmaker can access a line-of-sight all the way across the second stage of the map.

Stage 2 on Dorado is the longest portion of the map, and with twists and buildings to navigate it also means the battle over the payload can be taking place a long way either the offensive or defensive spawn.

For the attacking team, putting the payload through those final meters can be a tough task, as any but the most mobile of heroes will have a long walk back if they die.

For Widowmaker, however, it turns out there’s another means of impacting a fight at the very end of Stage 2, by grappling up to a location that grants a sight-line all the way across the map.

via Gfycat

The spot is clearly very situational, but it’s not hard to imagine certain scenarios in which it could be quite powerful. It’s quite common for players on the defence to hold on the high ground at the end of Stage 2, for instance, and taking an uncontested shot for an opening pick could very well be the key to a successful push.

Alternatively, in the event of a last-second or overtime push at the end of Stage 2, this might offer a means of impacting the fight after respawning. The distance from the offensive Stage 2 spawn to the end of the stage is a long way, making it difficult to return if time is critical, but the sight-line provided by these locations might allow for some damage to be dealt, perhaps enough to swing a close battle.

It’s unclear as to whether this location will be deemed acceptable or not if and when Blizzard become aware of it – in the past, similar positions have been blocked off as “unintended locations.” In the meantime, however, it might be a useful trick to pull out if a viable situation arises.