Overwatch 2 players want big change to sniper map that’s even worse than Junkertown

Patrick Dane

Overwatch 2 players have looked at recent changes to Junkertown and are now begging for Havana to see a similar rework. 

In Overwatch 2, snipers have always been tricky to balance around. Even in the first game, they’ve had metas where they’ve been match deciders, but their power can be even stronger in the sequel. Having one less player, and importantly no second tank to harass them, they can take over games if you match into an aiming warlord. 

Thankfully Blizzard has actually done a decent job of keeping them in check, as now the only one shot in the game for squishies is Widowmaker, the one true sniper. Sojourn and Hanzo (as of Season 9) no longer can one shot on their own, and Ashe while very good, has never been so powerful she’s the defacto pick in Overwatch 2 yet. 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain maps where a sniper can’t take over the entire lobby. Junkertown, especially the first point was very problematic for this. However, thanks to changes to the map in Season 9, this has been eased a little as long sightlines have been obscured. 

This treatment does have sniper haters asking for help on another problematic map that heavily favors snipers too. 

Overwatch 2 players want changes to sniper reliant Havana

In a Reddit thread by WhoopsAhoy with over 2.1k upvotes, players are asking Blizzard to consider making changes to Havana, one of the most sniper-favored maps in the game. This map has ridiculously strong sightlines, and players are hoping to see it get some work. 

The thread shows a picture of the first point of Havana, but some don’t even think this is the worst Sniper spot on the map. One user said: “Third point is infinitely worse than first point IMO. You can at least walk behind cover left or right and let the tank push payload on first”.

Another added: “Don’t know how many of my games went from smooth sailing until the bridge of the castle, then we got stuck and couldn’t push it to the end for like 5 minutes.”

One player suggested a fix to the problem, saying, “Honestly, I’ve got a pretty fun idea: just hang a bunch of banners all over the street. A bunch of visual clutter with no actual hitboxes, but stuff that is there even at the lowest possible graphic settings so the sight line is blocked.”

It will be interesting to see if Havana gets the Junkertown treatment in future seasons. If Blizzard wanted to stay consistent it would make sense. That said, maybe some sniper-favored maps add diversity to the map pool. Only time will tell here. 

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