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One of the hero changes on the Overwatch PTR might have backfired

Published: 25/Oct/2018 12:33 Updated: 25/Oct/2018 19:29

by Joe O'Brien


It appears that a supposed Reaper buff on the Overwatch PTR might not actually be a buff at all.

The most recent update to the PTR brought with it a series of hero balance changes. While the buffs for Roadhog are the most significant, he wasn’t the only hero given a boost – in theory at least.

One of the other heroes that received buffs was Reaper, whose life-steal was increased and the spread pattern randomization for his Hellfire Shotguns reduced by 50%. These changes were designed to “make him more capable of standing toe-to-toe with his enemies.”

Though it’s not a direct damage buff, in theory reducing spread pattern randomization should have a similar effect. More of the shotgun pellets should land on target, resulting in more damage being done per accurate shot.

Unfortunately, it seems that the intended improvement to Reaper’s damage output might actually have resulted in a slight nerf. Players are reporting that in fact in can now take more shots to kill a target on the PTR with this change than it does on the live servers.

The reason for this appears to be that though the shots are now more consistent, the inconsistency didn’t always have a negative effect for Reaper’s damage, because the randomization could produce “good” shots where more pellets would hit the target, resulting in more damage.

Though Reaper’s shotguns are now more consistent in the damage they output per shot, over a series of shots the average damage dealt now seems to be lower, as shown by u/McManus26 in a post on the Overwatch subreddit.

In order to kill a bot from the same location, an extra shot was required on the PTR compared to the live servers.


via Gfycat


via Gfycat

To demonstrate the consistency of this trend, u/McManus26 reported requiring an extra 27 bullets to kill 20 bots on the PTR than doing the same took on the live servers. Other players have also reported a noticeable drop in average damage output.

How Blizzard will respond remains to be seen, as it doesn’t appear that the change was intended as a nerf. With improved consistency still a positive in itself, it may be that Reaper will require an additional adjustment on top of this to reach a state Blizzard is happy with.


Overwatch player shows advantage of “confirm Duplication” as Echo

Published: 29/Oct/2020 16:43

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s newest hero Echo has proven to be a very complex yet powerful character since her debut. Now, players are finding new ways to take advantage of the Duplicate ultimate, primarily its “confirm” function.

Because Echo has the ability to transform into any enemy hero on the battlefield, assuming they’re alive, there’s always a chance that in the heat of the moment, players Duplicate a hero they didn’t intend on copying.

This can be a real pain, because there are some heroes that are much better Duplicate prospects than others. However, the confirm Duplication option can ensure no mistakes are made.

There are other benefits to having the confirm option on too, such as being able to get in a much better position when the actual Duplicate is initiated.

Echo using Focusing Beam
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has a lot of tools to be a pain for enemy teams.

As Redditor Hard-Light_Hackerman shows, by selecting the Symmetra as a target and then flying towards the Rialto high ground, they’re able to put themselves in a prime position to get the most out of the ultimate.

Once on the high ground and out of the enemy’s line of sight, they’re able to place down multiple turrets and a teleporter to tele-bomb the opponent’s backline and become a massive threat.

Right away, they’re able to take down both of the enemy supports and build up Symmetra’s Photon Barrier to protect themselves while continuing to pressure the tanks and Hanzo.

Why the Confirm Duplication option is superior. from Overwatch

Overall, the play itself is extremely well done and results in five kills going the way of the Echo player and the payload reaching the first checkpoint.

Had the confirm Duplication option been off, then it’s possible that Symmetra would never have been able to begin the attack on the high ground and not be anywhere near as effective.

If you enjoy playing Echo or are thinking of maining her, be sure to change your settings to have confirm Duplication on to ensure that you’re copying the right hero and that you can make use of Echo’s mobility before transforming.