Overwatch 2 player finds unbeatable Prop Hunt hiding spot leaving Genjis stumped

Patrick Dane
Cover art featuring Overwatch 2 Prop Hunt game mode.

Prop Hunt is back in Overwatch 2 and players are out finding the best hiding spots. However, one spot is borderline cheating as the exploit makes it nearly impossible for seekers to find. 

Overwatch 2’s most successful event activity so far, Prop Hunt is back in rotation. The game, inspired by the Garry’s Mod game mode, has one team of Kirikos transforming into items around the map and trying to conspicuously fit into their surroundings. Then a team of Genjis are unleashed to find any hiding props who aren’t where they should be. 

It’s proved to be a popular mode and stuck with the playbase much more strongly than that of many other event activities. It’s a great mix of lighthearted fun, some emergent hilariousness, and a break from the ranked chaos. 

However, generally, you can only play a few rounds before you figure out where players hide, and you understand the map and item placement. That, or those hiding will find exceptional strategies.

That’s the case for one player who found an absolutely busted place to hide, in what is more of an exploit than a legitimate hiding spot. 

Is this cheating in Overwatch 2 Prop Hunt?

In a Reddit thread with over 2.1k upvotes, user FlockFauch has posted video of the hiding spot asking if its replicable. It seems it is, with players confirming they’ve had it or similar positions used against them before. 

The video shows a Kiriko player trying to scale a wall while transforming into a book, they then fall into the water just outside the map. It’s not clear why exactly this is possible as generally, you fall to your death if you land in the water behind point A on Blizzard World, but it seems for some reason you can stop that happening in Prop Hunt.

Once this is set though, the Genjis have no chance of getting to the hiding player. Because Genjis need to melee to find a Kiriko, they will need to kill themselves in order to get to the prop. 

Clearly, this isn’t how the game is intended to work. It’s an exploit, if not outright cheating in the game mode. That said, while seemingly replicable, you’re exceedingly likely to die trying to get to the position – so it probably isn’t even really worth trying.

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