Overwatch 2 player leaves both teams confused after carrying by hiding in a bush

Philip Trahan
overwatch 2 junkrat fortnite bush

An Overwatch 2 fan unexpectedly carried an Escort match on Rialto by hiding in a bush just behind the payload, which stumped both teams.

Overwatch 2 hosts many different game types, including Flashpoint, Capture the Flag, and Escort to name a few.

As a Hero-based team shooter, most of the game’s modes are objective-based and usually rely on solid teamwork and coordination to come out on top.

However, one crafty player circumvented all that after they essentially carried an Escort match by hiding in a bush, confusing both their team and the enemy.

Overwatch 2 player carries game by hiding in a bush

A post on the Overwatch subreddit from a user named Opposite-Coconut9144 gained traction after they shared a video with the title, “I feel kinda sorry for everyone in my lobby.”

The clip showed the Junkrat player jumping over to a bush on Rialto located just behind the payload. Then, they used the ‘Lounging’ emote, obscuring them in the foliage.

While the enemy team flooded from their starting point, the Junkrat player sneakily remained hidden in the bush as the Payload never moved an inch.

The player was able to do this for over a minute and a half, as the video ended with neither team noticing how they were keeping the Payload from advancing.

Fans in the comments got a kick out of the trick, with many making jokes about the strat. “Love that it gave you the AFK warning even though you’re clearly contesting,” said one user.

While the OP played on console, some fans pointed out that this trick may be finicky on PC thanks to certain graphic settings. “PSA: people that play with low textures, that bush doesnt exist. All I see is a player sat in the open and I always play Widow out the gate here.”

While this trick has been around since the days of Overwatch 1, it seems plenty of long-time fans got a kick out of its successful execution many years later.

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