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Hilarious Overwatch Wrecking Ball duel ends in disaster

Published: 19/Nov/2021 16:03

by Lawrence Scotti


A viral Overwatch clip has shown the hilarity that can ensue when two opposing Wrecking Ball players decide to duke it out in ball form.

Overwatch hasn’t received much new content as of recent as Blizzard continues working on the sequel, but that doesn’t mean the player base has grown stale of the game.

Players are still finding new and sometimes hilarious ways to play the game. One fan-favorite character, Wrecking Ball, has become a massive source of entertainment for players.

The tank hero has become infamous for flying around various maps in ball-form, soaking up damaging and ground-and-pounding onto enemies from above.


Wrecking Ball is a tank hero from Overwatch.

Now, a clip has gone viral which shows what can happen when two Wrecking Ball players duel to the death.

The video comes from Reddit user AnarchistOwl playing Control on the map Busan. While on the Sanctuary stage, Wrecking Ball players from both teams headed to the mega side of the map and spun around in ball form, using the grappling claw.

As both players swung around, ignoring the objective, they continually crashed into each other until ultimately being flung to their deaths off of the map.

The clip went viral on the Overwatch subreddit page, notching over 7,000 upvotes. One commenter noted how funny the duel looked from the viewer’s perspective and described it as “some kind of strange mating ritual, previously undocumented.”


Wrecking Ball is truly the Overwatch gift that keeps on giving – unless the character sends you flying on the Rialto map.