Simple Overwatch trick lets D.Va instantly deal double melee damage

Michael Gwilliam
D.Va double melee trick

An extremely easy Overwatch trick can let players secure even more kills as D.Va as dealing double melee damage in an instant.

The melee attack is one of the most consistent across Overwatch in that for most heroes, it deals 30 damage to a foe. While there are some heroes who have different types of melees, such as Reinhardt and Torbjorn’s hammers dealing more damage, most are the same.

Melee is good in that you can use it to animation cancel certain abilities and it too can be animation canceled to deal more damage. However, its best use normally comes in securing frags on low HP targets.

Now, thanks to a newly discovered tech, D.Va players can actually make it so their melee ends up dealing 60 damage, and that’s without any sort of special damage modifiers such as Orisa’s Supercharger.

D.Va uses melee
D.Va can deal double melee by activating her ultimate.

D.Va’s double melee ultimate attack

Very few ultimates are as unique as D.Va’s Self-destruct, as it makes her mech explode, dealing 1000 damage to anyone close by. When activated, she transforms into Baby D.Va, a variant with a fraction of her health and a single “bunny blaster” weapon.

What’s cool is that, as showcased by YouTuber McMagicMarv, you can use melee before activating your ultimate and then it will remain active for Baby D.Va, resulting in a quick 60 damage.

Being able to deal 60 damage instantly, on Tracer for example can be a big deal. With just 150 HP, being able to take out nearly half in one instant could potentially be enough to eliminate her or force an early Recall, leaving her vulnerable to Self-destruct.

Of course, when you factor in damage boosts, this tech becomes a lot more interesting. When combined with the aforementioned Supercharger, D.Va’s melee trick would result in 90 damage, taking away almost half the health of most heroes.

Next time you play D.Va and use your ultimate in front of some enemies, remember this trick and it might make the difference between confirming kills or not and subsequently winning games.

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