Overwatch Mission Designer teases “something new” amid OW2 beta rumors

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An Overwatch developer has sparked major speculation after a mysterious post on social media teasing new content.

Players have been thirsty for new content, heroes and maps for a long time, but haven’t been gifted anything since Echo was released as hero 32 back in April of 2020.

Although there have been new event cosmetics, they’re not the game-changing additions that fans have come to expect, and with a lack of Overwatch 2 updates, fans are becoming restless.

With an OW2 beta rumored and the Overwatch League playing on an early build of the sequel in May, fans have been wondering when they’ll get the chance to try the game for themselves. Now, a developer is teasing something that may tide fans over.

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Fans are hungry for new Overwatch content.

Overwatch dev teases new content

On March 7, Senior Mission Designer Dylan Barker revealed that he recently had the chance to playtest “something new” and it ended up working nicely.

“Playtested something new with live humans for the first time and it went well,” he said. “The brain chemicals are good.”

It’s not clear exactly what was playtested, but it should be noted that Overwatch 2 will have a major PvE component, so it could be connected to that.

Another possibility is the Overwatch Archives event, which first implemented story-based co-op missions to the game. The Uprising, Redemption and Stormrising missions have been repeated for the last few years, but could 2022 finally be the year a new level is added to the rotation?

However, not many players are convinced this will impact them in the slightest. “Can’t wait to play the same 3 missions with 3 new mutators this year, so hype on,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Feels bad that we’ve gotten to the point that devs can’t even post something as innocent as ‘playtested a feature and it went well’ without getting sh*t on by the community,” another said.

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Could we see a new Overwatch Archives mission later this year?

“The fact that anything about OW2 is being playtested for the first time at this late date is depressing,” a player remarked.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for Overwatch 2 and its fans, but considering how silent the devs have been so far this year, it’s not surprising to see players jaded by such a small tease of things to come.