Overwatch League caster claims Twitch “don’t give a sh*t” about partnership

overwatch league caster uber recording youtube video.UberShouts

Overwatch League caster Uber has provided insight on why OWL has no plans to broadcast on Twitch claiming that the streaming platform “don’t give a sh*t”

Beginning in 2018, the Overwatch League streamed on Twitch for its first two seasons. However, in 2020 onward Blizzard signed a three-year deal seeing YouTube become the exclusive broadcaster of both OWL and the COD League.

Going into the league’s sixth season Blizzard has not secured an exclusive deal to broadcast Overwatch League on any platform. Even so, it will continue being broadcasted on only YouTube.

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Many Overwatch 2 fans were confused by this decision but caster Uber has spoken out giving us a possible explanation as to why.

Uber says Twitch doesn’t care about Overwatch League partnership

A Reddit post of caster Uber providing insight on why the Overwatch League has no interest in streaming on Twitch has surfaced. Speaking in his own Discord server, Uber claimed that Twitch “don’t give a sh*t” about Overwatch League and that increased Twitch viewership doesn’t “mean sh*t,” either.

Dismissing the theory that Twitch’s increased viewership is good for the league, Uber said: “People think the extra viewership on Twitch helps us, but it’s just optics at best and [Twitch] don’t give a sh*t about actually partnering with OWL/CDL.”

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Uber continued: “[Twitch] offers nothing but a platform that old school viewers like more as a hub, that’s it. I Couldn’t give less of a sh*t about Twitch because they sure as hell don’t care about us LMAO.”

Elaborating further on stream, Uber gave his thoughts on why Activision won’t explain the decision: “I don’t think at the highest level Activision Blizzard King is going to feel beholden to Overwatch League fans in explaining the dynamics of this business decision.

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“They’re not going to say anything. You’re literally going to see a f**king graphic that says ‘Watch on YouTube Gaming’. You’re not going to hear a why, you’re just going to be told that.”

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