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Funky Baptiste Overwatch Anniversary 2021 event skin unveiled

Published: 16/May/2021 18:57 Updated: 16/May/2021 19:09

by Bill Cooney


Baptiste is the first Overwatch hero to have a 2021 Anniversary skin revealed, and trust us when we say it’s one you’ll definitely want to add to your collection. 

Overwatch officially announced that the 2021 Anniversary event would begin on May 18 this year. Besides finally allowing us to grab Shin-Ryeong D.Va that we missed during Halloween, there will also be new skins to collect as well.

Tucked into the trailer tweeted out by Overwatch announcing the dates was a look at one of those new cosmetics: an afro-sporting look for Baptiste that we definitely haven’t ever seen before.


Along with that beautiful fro, Baptiste now has a full beard framing some retro red and gold shades, that also matches his incredibly stylish leisure suit.

The icing on the cake though has to be the golden healing medallion the support hero is now rocking, underneath the ample amount of chest hair he has on display.

His gun now features some classy wood grain, but it’s his backpack that might be the best part of his accessories, as there’s a fully-animated lava lamp just chilling there, bubbling away.

Baptiste looks ready to dominate any Disco floor or flanking DPS unfortunate enough to get in his way while rocking this look. We’d even go so far as to suggest this is the downright funkiest skin ever introduced to Overwatch.


If you’re looking for good musical suggestions when rocking this skin, we’d suggest the GTA V radio station Space 103.2, or any good funky track to throw out heals to.

Looking at the amount of changes here, and considering the fact that Overwatch doesn’t usually reveal Epic skins before an event gets going, it’s a safe bet that Funkmaster Supreme Baptiste will be a Legendary skin, costing 3000 coins to unlock.

As we mentioned, Overwatch Archives 2021 gets going on Tuesday, May 18, and runs for three weeks until Tuesday, June 8. If this new Baptiste cosmetic is anything to go off, we could be in store for some seriously awesome skins this year.