Overwatch adds new map Kanezaka in December update: Cat Cafe, more

New Overwatch PTR mapBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch patch has just gone live on the Public Test Realm on PC, adding a whole new map to the game.

Overwatch fans have been waiting for a new map for quite some time and now they’ve finally gotten their wish with the game’s second-ever stage taking place in Japan. This time in the form of Kanezaka.

Kanezaka is a Free For All Deathmatch map, so it’s not going to be coming up in your traditional game modes. However, it looks extremely fun to play.

The map, which features some nice Japanese imagery is supposed to be located right next to Hanamura. It includes a nightclub, cat cafe, sushi restaurant, and more.

Kanezaka Overwatch mapBlizzard Entertainment
The new Overwatch map is Kanezaka.

Plus, it has a variety of tight alleyways and more open locations that should accommodate players regardless of their playstyle.

While a Free For All map may not be what most fans of the series wanted, especially with the last core gamemode map being Havana way back in 2019, for those looking for a simple arcade experience, Kanezaka should suffice.

The PTR patch also includes some updates to the Replay Viewer in the form of a detached timecode, so that should make things a bit easier for observers.

As of this moment, the patch is only available on PC, but hopefully the map along with the other updates end up going live soon so everyone, including console players, can try it out soon.

Full patch notes:


  • Kanezaka , nestled beside Hanamura, is our newest Free-For-All Map!
  • Fight for your life in a thrilling battlefield of alleyways, ancient stone, towering steel, and cat cafes. Shatter your enemy’s dreams in the pottery shop, deliver beatdowns in the Tora no Sumika nightclub, or rise above the competition in the tower at the center of the city.


Feature Update: Replay Viewer Custom Spectator Options

  • Added Detached Timecode UI option to Replay Viewer



  • Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to remain focused on the game client while in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a bug with the end of round screen for Deathmatch that would exclude players who left when the match ends



  • Fixed a bug with the “One Punch” highlight intro that would cause it to clip into the ground on certain maps