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Overwatch cosplayer turns out the lights as amazing Sombra

Published: 24/Dec/2020 12:48

by Lauren Bergin


One of Overwatch’s most iconic anti-heroes is Sombra, the Mexican computer genius. Cosplayer Dzikan has pulled out a Sombra cosplay that will hack your brain. 

Sombra is one of Overwatch’s most popular villains. With cinematic shorts dedicated to her exploits, and fans all over the world trying to recreate her in CD Projekt Red’s popular title Cyberpunk 2077, Sombra weaves her way into pretty much every game in the same way she does virtual databases.

A recent glitch on the newest Deathmatch map Kanezaka lets players utilise Sombra to her full potential and use her translocators to take a quick trip to Hanamura. It’s brought her back into the limelight after she’s dropped out of the meta a little.


One cosplayer, however, has brought the Mexican rebel into real life, and it’s safe to say looks like she’s ready to hack the planet.

Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra is one of Overwatch’s favourite anti-heroes.

Cosplayer creates jaw dropping Sombra

A recent post from cosplayer u/MaoDzikan (Dzikan) on the Overwatch subreddit has garnered an insane 1.1k upvotes in less than 24 hours.

In a beautifully crafted image, she is framed by a background that could come straight out of a synth wave 80s video. The blue and purple hues work in tandem with Sombra’s iconic violet outfit to truly make it stand out.

The cosplay itself is equally as spectacular. With Dzikan’s hair literally the embodiment of the Talon Agent’s, as well as the futuristic outfit decked out in everything from her iconic SMG to the claw-like gloves that we see initiating hacks, there’s no doubt that this rendition of Sombra is practically flawless.


There’s one final detail, Dzikan’s positioning mirrors one of Sombra’s iconic Victory Poses, as well as one of her emotes.

Iniciando el hackeo! [Sombra cosplay photoshoot by Dzikan] from r/Overwatch

Fans react

It comes as no surprise that this cosplay has received a wealth of positive feedback. One Reddit user referred to the picture as “a great example of combining cosplay and photography.”

A second responder makes reference to that iconic hairstyle, noting that “the hair looks amazing. They got it to stand up as it does in the game. That’s quite a feat.”

This is a cosplay that Sombra herself would be proud of. You can almost imagine Dzikan and the iconic hacker chilling together while eating tostadas on a late night hacking session. This image really demonstrates the amount of artistry required to create the perfect cosplay, and we can’t wait to see what else Dzikan has in store!