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Fun Overwatch glitch takes players from Kanezaka to Hanamura

Published: 18/Dec/2020 11:46

by Lauren Bergin


With the introduction of the new deathmatch map Kanezaka into Overwatch, players have been exploring every inch of the map. One clever Sombra player though has found a glitch that transports players to Hanamura. 

Overwatch fans have long been awaiting a new map. With the last core map (Havana) dropping in 2019, the announcement that a new map, Kanezaka, was coming to the game was met with a lot of hype.

Even although the map is only available for Free For All Deathmatches, the Japanese inspired town is full of fun alleyways to explore, and even features an adorable cat cafe. We can imagine Brigitte chilling there with her loveable fluffballs.


One player has managed to find a glitch in the Kanezaka matrix though, and has used a fun little Sombra trick to explore a little more than Blizzard perhaps intended.

Kanezaka Cat Cafe Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Kanezaka’s cat cafe is only one of the maps many highlights.

Kanezaka glitch takes you to Hanamura

When you’re not dodging through the back alleys and causing havoc, one player has found a little trick that takes Sombra off of the Kanezaka map and, well, into Hanamura.

Reddit user Har1eKing is seen tossing Sombra’s translocator through a gap positioned to the left of the town’s ramen bar’s entrance. One they’ve jumped back to her teleporter’s position, they then throw a series of translocators upwards through the leaves of the cherry blossom tree that frames the background.


Eventually landing on what appears to be the back end of Shimada Castle, or Hanamura’s imfamous B-Site, they then use the trick once again to follow along the temple’s wall and land on a rock which is suspended in mid air.

Not only do they get a beautiful view of Overwatch’s Japanese skyline, but of just how much work Blizzard really put into their map designs.

Now entering Hanamur… Wait a minute… from r/Overwatch

So, if you fancy channeling your inner Indiana Sombra, this is definitely the trick for you.

While it takes a while to accomplish the result is well worth it. You can flex your translocator skills on other Sombras, as well as getting the perfect view of Hanamura.


Make sure you do it soon though, because Blizzard may eventually plug this cheeky little hole in the Overwatch matrix!