Overwatch community speculates what OW2 on Game Pass will include

Eleni Thomas
OW2 Game Pass

Overwatch fans have begun theorizing what, if any, bonuses or added content will be included in Overwatch 2 when it arrives to Game Pass.

Overwatch 2 is set to go live on October 4, 2022. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard, the company has stated that the game will be made available to players on Game Pass. However, given that OW2 is already slated to be free-to-play, fans are now speculating on Reddit what could be added or included in the game pass version of the game.

On the confirmation that OW2 will be coming to Game Pass, the community thinks this expansion of places for gamers to play the title is a bonus for the game and could be a great opportunity for growth. 

However, fans are guessing that the game pass version of Overwatch 2 might make some of the paid PvE content free for fans and even make one or two seasons of the battle pass free as well.

Given that PvE is some of the only OW2 content that will require purchasing, the idea that it could be made free for Game Pass users is a “crazy deal” when adding with it other Activision/Blizzard titles that will also be making their way to Game Pass.

The most common idea being thrown around the Overwatch community is that the move to Game Pass is just a marketing aspect to the launch and that there might not be any new content for those who do choose to download the game through the system.

While it was initially announced at the beginning of the year that the likes of OW2, CoD and Diablo would be coming to Game Pass, Xbox recently reassured fans that this would still be going ahead.

As well as this, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer did reiterate that games like CoD would still be getting a PlayStation release if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard does go through.

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