Overwatch artist shows why streamers deserve their own skins with baby Roadhog

Roadhog unsaltedsalt baby skinBlizzard Entertainment/Em1liath

Every Overwatch player has at some point wanted to see their skin idea come to life and while few have ever had their dream become reality, one artist showed why Blizzard should consider streamer ideas.

Overwatch streamer UnsaltedSalt was asked during a broadcast about what type of skin he would like to see added if he had the chance.

Amusingly, the Twitch streamer decided to poke a bit of fun at himself, saying that because he’s a “baby rager” he’d have a baby skin with Roadhog wearing a onesie.

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Artist Emiliath thought the idea was a great one and decided to design the skin just as he had described and it ended up turning out pretty great.

Posting on Twitter, Emiliath wrote: “UnsaltedSaltwas talking on stream recently about how cool it would be if Overwatch would do streamer skins and described what his would look like so I decided to draw it.”

The skin itself looks downright amazing, with Roadhog’s large body stuffed into a onesie while his vape has been replaced with a bottle of milk.

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Meanwhile, his gun is transparent and looks more like a Fisher-Price childrens’ toy with balls popping up after every shot. As it turns out, the artist had quite a lot to work with.

“I started by looking up different toy items and Roadhog’s character model and seeing what I could blend together because he has a lot of armor I have to substitute for other objects,” Emiliath told Dexerto. “So I basically just looked through a lot of childhood toys and objects that could give me some inspiration.”

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Just like someone at Blizzard would likely do, Emiliath made sure the skin was on par with the streamer’s vision.

“The Lego on his shoulder had also been a toy block and originally I had his back butt flap on the onesie half open so you could see a little cheek, but after showing Salt the sketch we talked about things that looked weird and that the flap may not actually be something they would allow in the game,” she revealed. “After a couple tweaks, Salt seemed pretty happy with where the idea was going and I went ahead and started coloring.”

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It has all the hallmarks of a true legendary streamer skin – something the artist hopes Blizzard will make official.

“I love Overwatch and the characters and really would like to see them work more with their community because they have so many creative skin ideas from them,” Emiliath explained. “I especially think streamer-based skins are an amazing idea that the community would love.”

Hopefully, her wish comes true and Blizzard can work more with streamers to design their own skins, especially with Overwatch 2 still in development.

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