Blizzard gives update on Overwatch 2 development, teases more reveals soon

Widowmaker on Overwatch 2 Toronto mapBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has shared some exciting news about Overwatch 2’s development during a second-quarter 2021 financial results call.

Since its reveal at BlizzCon 2019, players have been wondering when they’d be able to get their hands on Overwatch 2. While it doesn’t have a release date yet, Blizzard has opened up about how development is proceeding.

So far, all that’s really known is that Overwatch 2 will feature new maps, heroes, modes, PVE story mode and a major 5v5 overhaul, the latter of which was announced during a May 20 developer stream.

As it turns out, players can expect more of those developer broadcasts soon as the game continues to take shape.

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Overwatch 2 TorbjornBlizzard
It’s safe to say not everyone was pleased by the 5v5 announcement for Overwatch 2.

“After a great response to the recent community update, the team is looking forward to revealing more of the game in the coming months as they approach the later stages of production,” Blizzard said.

To say the 5v5 change was met with a “great response” is certainly an overly optimistic way to put it, as many players were divided by the decision, which sees the main tank role rendered obsolete.

However, it’s very nice to see that Blizzard has more of those streams planned, especially as there is still a completely new competitive game mode set to be revealed.

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Blizzard Overwatch financialsBlizzard
Overwatch 2 passed an “important” milestone.

That said, according to Blizzard, Overwatch 2’s development “passed an important internal milestone in recent weeks.”

Blizzard didn’t explain what that milestone was, but hopefully it means that we get to play a beta at some point soon.

There’s also the leaked Overwatch 2 mobile game, which Blizzard has yet to officially announce, but it’s expected that that title gets revealed in the months ahead.

In any case, it’s nice to see that Overwatch 2 is coming along and maybe this is a sign that a release date can be announced at some point soon.