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Simple Overwatch damage combo makes Pharah the deadliest hero in the game

Published: 2/Aug/2021 19:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players that already believe Pharah is too strong won’t be happy to know that there is an insanely simplistic combo that lets the rocket queen delete the majority of the cast in just one hit.

Pharah has been one of Overwatch’s most controversial heroes and for good reason. Her ability to fly can be a complete pain for players to deal with and her synergy with Mercy can render her practically unkillable.

In addition to the fact a lot of abilities simply won’t work on her as she’s so high up in the air, her rockets deal a whopping 120 damage upon a direct hit. As such, she has the lethality to secure frags and the ability to avoid damage herself.


If this wasn’t already scary, one ultimate is all it takes for Pharah to become the deadliest hero in the game. And it all comes down to who else but her mother, Ana.

Pharah and Mercy on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah and Mercy can be an extremely oppressive combo.

As shown by Overwatch League pro Josh ‘Eqo’ Corona on the Philadelphia Fusion, by being Nano Boosted by Ana and receiving a Damage Boost from his Mercy pocket, a direct rocket will deal enough damage to delete any 200 HP hero.

During his Rialto match against the Shanghai Dragons, EQO received the Nano and proceeded to line up two shots directly onto the enemy Mercy and then Pharah, annihilating the airborne menace and achieving aerial superiority.


Being able to win the Pharmacy duel is a key component in this Overwatch meta and the damage calculations is a big reason why Nano helps achieve this.

The 50% damage increase from Nano Boost is combined with Mercy’s Damage Boost resulting in a direct rocket hit dealing 216 damage.

Of course, 216 damage means you can take out most DPS and support heroes, and with two shots you can even annihilate tanks such as Zarya and Sigma.

The one drawback to this combo is that a lot of resources go into the Pharah, but assuming she can land her shots, being able to win a fight off the back of just a single ultimate is a huge plus.


Just make sure your Ana can support the rest of the team and reap the rewards of this damage-boosted nightmare.