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Overwatch artist shows what every hero would look like if they were real

Published: 26/Dec/2020 21:11

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch fan has continued their quest to transform all of the game’s heroes into super-realistic portraits, and now every single one has been given the IRL treatment.

Practically since Overwatch came out, fans have been dreaming about an IRL movie or TV show adaptation to bring the heroes we know and love into our world — sort of.

Sadly, Blizzard hasn’t leaked any plans for such a show, but one player named u/_m0us316_ has taken it upon themselves to make portraits for every character as realistic as possible, and their latest creation is one of the best pieces of fan art we’ve ever seen.


We have to give them credit, Hammond probably would look a lot like this IRL.

Each of the portraits again looks like they could be Instagram photos from an actual, real-life person, and this time every character has been given the uncanny valley treatment, along with more updates to get each one as accurate as possible.

Heroes like Reinhardt and Ana boast their scars and battle wounds, and it’s even easier than before to tell who’s who (you don’t even really need the nametags here).

Of course, not every hero in Overwatch can be made “IRL” since they’re not actually human, like the Omnic crew and sentient animals Wrecking Ball and Winston.


All of these heroes portraits are pretty funny, like having an actual Hamster for Hammond and just a picture of a gorilla wearing glasses for Winston. Orisa and Zenyatta are literally just the same (except Zen now has a “realistic” looking cloak), and Bastion has been brilliantly turned into a toaster, which we wouldn’t mind seeing as an in-game skin.

Blizzard must be kicking themselves for not coming up with a Bastion toaster to sell themselves.

It’s even more fun to look through this version and see who each hero looks like in the real world than the first one. McCree looks suspiciously like his voice actor Matt Mercer, and even Sojourn (who won’t be released until Overwatch 2) was included.


Sadly, a realistic game or show with characters that look like this set in the Overwatch universe doesn’t seem to be on the tables just yet, with Overwatch 2 currently in development. But it is fun to look at these portraits and imagine what it would be like if Blizzard and HBO or someone else collabbed to bring a live-action series to life.