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Overwatch heroes turned into real people look so good it’s creepy

Published: 21/Dec/2020 0:54

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch fan decided to transform all of the game’s heroes they could into super-realistic portraits, and the results are so good, it’s a bit freaky.

One of the biggest aspects that made Overwatch into the popular game we all know and love today is the clean, animated art style used to create the universe, compared to more realistic shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and others.

But what if Jeff and the devs at Blizzard had opted to go for a more realistic depiction of all the different heroes? In an attempt to explore what this might look like, Reddit user ‘_m0us316_’ made real-life versions of every hero they could, and the results are stunning.


From left to right: Ana, Ashe, Baptiste, Brigitte, D.Va, and Doomfist.

Each of the portraits actually looks like they could be Instagram photos from an actual, real-life person. When you start realizing that they were all created by an artist and a computer, it gets a little freaky (beckoning thoughts of the uncanny valley).

They are missing scars, tattoos, and other birthmarks, but other than that it’s extremely easy to pick out who’s who, especially if you’ve been playing for years and know Overwatch’s heroes better than you do some of your own friends.

Sadly, not every hero was lucky enough to get this super realistic treatment. Roadhog, Orisa, Echo, Zenyatta, Bastion, Winston, and Wrecking Ball are notably absent, probably because they’re either Omnics, sentient beasts, or, in Hog’s case, just always wearing a mask.


The full image of all the realistic Overwatch heroes created by _m0us316_ is right here, so see if you can pick out your main below. (We’ve already found D.Va, top row, second from the right!


My attempt at making "realistic" portraits on most of the Overwatch roster by using Artbreeder. (Note: features may be missing such as scars, tattoos, etc.) from Overwatch

It is a lot of fun to look through and see who each hero looks like in the real world. McCree looks suspiciously like his voice actor Matt Mercer, and Junkrat is a spitting image of that one kid in grade school whose parents had to hide matches.

Sadly, a realistic game with characters that look like this set in the Overwatch universe doesn’t seem to be on the tables just yet, with Overwatch 2 currently in development. But it is fun to look at these portraits and imagine what one could be like.