Overwatch 2 restores Numbani Airport in Season 3, teasing new map locations to come

Overwatch 2 Numbani airportBlizzard

With Numbani Airport now restored in Overwatch 2 Season 3 after years of destructive complications, players now believe the Hyrbid map might be teasing some future locations to come.

After weeks of anticipation, Overwatch 2 players finally got to dive into the Season 3 content drop on February 7 and check out everything on offer. From a chilly new map to a range of cosmetics and of course, a sweeping serve of balance adjustments, there’s something for just about everyone.

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Among the more subtle tweaks this season, however, came one to an existing map when few expected it. Numbani, a Hybrid map that’s been in the game since the original Overwatch went online in 2016, now looks a little different.

Experienced fans may remember how this locale looked at the very beginning. Previously, when everything was intact, the Attacking team spawned in near the Numbani Airport. As a result, info boards gave added some realism to the universe, reflecting a number of on-time, delayed, or outright canceled flights around the globe.

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In the lead-up to Doomfist’s arrival though, much of this area was obliterated. The info boards were left in pieces and the Payload itself was damaged as the then-DPS-now-Tank hero made his debut.

Overwatch 2 Numbani destroyedBlizzard
Numbani had been a little beaten up over recent years until the Season 3 update arrived.

Over the years that have followed, no one took the effort to tidy up the mess Doomfist made across Numbani. That is, until now, as Blizzard has finally restored the Hybrid map to its former glory, fixing up the Airport in the process.

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As a result, a few new details have been added to the classic map. Namely, advertisements on the ground now read: “Restoration finally over! Numbani Aiport resumes operations.”

Given flights are now back on track, the info board displaying all current journeys has also been put back together. It’s on this list that devs may be teasing some new locations to come in the near future.

Specifically, content creator Stylosa pointed out the addition of Gdansk as a location on the board, questioning if its appearance was a “new map tease.”

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We also see the likes of Vienna, Princeton, and Jakarta added to the board while Paris, Hanamura, Singapore, Austin, and Johannesburg have all been removed from the original display.

Exactly what it all means is anyone’s guess for now. But as Blizzard has a tendency to tease future content long before its arrival, it’s safe to assume these subtle nods will soon lead to fresh locations in Overwatch 2. Be it for the upcoming PvE content, to expand on current modes, or perhaps even to flesh out brand-new game types, we’ll just have to wait and see what the devs have in store.

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