Overwatch 2 playtest reveals multiple hero reworks: Moira, Sigma, Orisa, more

Overwatch 2 Sigma reworkBlizzard Entertainment

A recent Overwatch 2 playtest has revealed that even more heroes are in the process of being reworked for the upcoming sequel.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals intermission featured a showmatch between two teams that utilized two of the reworked heroes for Overwatch 2: Sombra and Bastion.

While the rework for those two heroes is now revealed, the playtest sadly prevented a handful of characters from being selected due to the devs currently re-balancing and adding to their kits.

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According to Overwatch pro and two-time OWL champion Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi, none of the new heroes were available for testing and neither were a handful of existing characters.

Multiple Overwatch 2 hero reworks planned

“We didn’t get to play Orisa, Sigma, Doomfist, McCree, Moira,” the underwhelmed Shock tank said. “I guess it’s because they’re reworking all of those characters. So we didn’t get to see any of those.”

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During the broadcast, Overwatch 2 Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman teased that Doomfist could be reworked into a tank, so it makes sense that the devs would save that reveal for another time.

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With McCree, or whatever name he will have in Overwatch 2, the devs have suggested he would have his Flashbang removed as they move away from crowd-control abilities.

Winston and Mei reworked in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Multiple heroes are being reworked in Overwatch 2.

For Moira, the devs have tried several reworks of her within Overwatch, but none have stuck, so it seems like they’re going back to the drawing board with her again in the next game.

However, the changes regarding Orisa and Sigma remain unclear. With Overwatch 2 moving towards all tanks being more “brawlers” in a solo-tank environment, it makes sense that the stationary Orisa could need some big changes.

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It will be interesting to see what the devs have in store for these heroes and hopefully, we end up seeing the reworks in the near future as OWL begins its fifth season on an early build of the game in April and a rumored release of Spring 2022.

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