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Overwatch community split on new Moira rework design

Published: 19/Aug/2020 21:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Moira has yet another controversial rework being tested on the Overwatch Experimental Mode and the community is mixed on whether the changes are beneficial or not.

The support hero’s issue at the moment is how easy it is to get value out of her and the lack of playmaking potential. On the live version of the game, Moira has no utility, just raw healing and damage.


The big change in the Experimental Mode is with Fade, which, just as with a previous test, gives her the opportunity to phase teammates and make them immune to damage for a short period of time.

Additionally, Damage Orb has been changed so that it is a skill shot ability that in theory will do more damage, but is harder to hit.

Moira in her Halloween Overwatch skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira has been a controversial hero since her release.

As such, the community is having a tough time deciding where it stands on the changes and opinions are definitely mixed, to say the least.

Over on Reddit, user Vortx444 took issue with the Fade changes, claiming that they feel “clunky.”

“Fade has such a long duration, a full 0.9 seconds, that it’s impossible to reactively save allies from fast casting abilities like Pulse Bomb or Flashbang, to name a few,” they said. “Additionally, with the new experimental card, they removed Moira’s ability to cleanse with it, and only provide damage immunity.”

Moira uses Coalescence
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira’s Ultimate wasn’t changed in the Experimental patch.

They went on to suggest that either it should cleanse status effects when the ability ends or make them immune to damage upon startup.

Mx1t commented how they felt the changes to the Damage Orb were good, noting how on the live version, it’s “just a free 9% ult charge.”

However, they were against the Fade changes. “I think Fade has always been a perfect ability and needs no changes at all. It’s the best defensive ability in the entire game on the shortest cooldown.”

Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch devs have tried to rework Moira a few times.

“It’s crazy to me how many people want Fade to completely cleanse anti-heal,” swootylicious remarked. “Sure it’s a dominant mechanic, but it would be completely destroyed by the presence of a Moira, who has such a short cooldown that the ability would become useless with little effort.”

Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer Dovahkitty and PinkToes took issue with the changes in general. “Moira can’t fade out of ults now?? That’s honestly one of her greatest strengths, you need to be closer to your team as Moira. Really hope this patch doesn’t go through,” Dovahkitty complained.


“Ewwww no please god no,” Pinktoes begged, quoting an image of the patch notes.

Not everyone on Twitter was opposed, however. iDavey praised the Orb changes for needing skill and was pleased to see the Fade rework back in some capacity.

There’s no telling if these changes will actually go through this time around, but regardless of what happens, it seems like people will be disappointed either way.


Overwatch meets WarCraft with epic RTS custom game mode

Published: 7/Oct/2020 0:12

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch and RTS games like WarCraft and StarCraft might seem like complete opposites, but the two styles have been combined into a very promising-looking Workshop mode that lets you control multiple heroes as if they were individual units.

If we look at Blizzard games like one big family tree, then the StarCraft and Warcraft franchises could probably be considered something like Overwatch’s grandparents.


Back in the day StarCraft especially was one of the biggest esports on the planet, but the RTS genre has sadly fallen to wayside in recent years. Both still have dedicated communities though (even after the disaster that was Reforged) and it’s safe to say a good number also play Overwatch now as well.

Irish Overwatch manager Andygmb clearly hasn’t outgrown his love for real-time strategy, not that one ever does, decided to take the top down style from those games and apply it to all of our favorite heroes using Josbird’s cursor tool in the Workshop mode.


Demo of a MOBA / RTS style control scheme in the Workshop! The possibilities with the workshop are endless! from Overwatch

You can scroll around the map, and drag the map to select multiple units and control them all at once. Like an RTS game, you can tell them where to go, and when to attack something.

Right off the top of our heads if they ever were to make an Overwatch game like this, we’d wager that Roadhog rush would be a great opening build to start with.

But it doesn’t take much to imagine a League of Legends-style game as well being made playable with this type of game either. Sure, Blizzard already has Heroes of the Storm, but that only features a few Overwatch heroes to choose from, where this could add the whole roster.

Overwatch heroes 2020
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch has over 30 different heroes that could make all kinds of different units.

With Heroes of the Storm already existing (and producing cooler skins for D.Va than Overwatch itself) our chances of seeing an official RTS featuring the game’s heroes are unfortunately slim to none.

That has never stopped players before though, so we’d keep our eyes out for some kind of League clone to appear before too long on the Custom Game browser. Until then, you can always waste more time playing Among Us there as well.