Overwatch reveals “extensive” changes being made as result of axing McCree name

Ashe punches McCree in the faceBlizzard Entertainment

Some major details on Mcree’s name change have been revealed by Blizzard, explaining how updating the Overwatch hero’s name is a severe undertaking.

On August 26, Overwatch announced that Jesse McCree’s name would be changed after a developer who shares a name with the beloved cowboy was fired amidst ongoing controversy at the company.

Unfortunately, renaming McCree has meant that a future story arc has been delayed so they can incorporate this name change. As such, fans will need to wait even longer to see some new in-game content.

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The decision was met with mixed opinion from fans and streamers. While some applauded the decision, others didn’t see the name as a big deal with Twitch star Asmongold calling the move “cringe.”

Blizzard reveals McCree name change details

Now, Blizzard has outlined more details on the impending change, including what will happen to existing content featuring the name “McCree.”

When asked about what the fate of comics and YouTube videos will be, Community Manager AndyB replied, “Previous content will remain unaltered. This affects content moving forward, both in game and out (as soon as we’re able to implement in game).”

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However, for in-game things that will be changed, there are a lot of hurdles to get through.

mccree overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
McCree will have a new name by Overwatch 2.

“Voice lines, UI/UX elements need updated, art assets, localization, review with regional teams for cultural validation, legal…there’s a very long list. It’s an extensive effort, but one that the team agrees is the right thing to do,” he explained.

Currently, the team doesn’t have any plans to reveal how the change will occur and what it will mean for the franchise.

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“We’re not quite ready to reveal the details of how the change will be reflected in game,” Andy remarked. “What I can say is that changing the name of a much beloved hero is going to be a significant undertaking, and one that we’re approaching with consideration.”

Dead McCreeBlizzard Entertainment
Voice lines and UI will be changed.mcc

On a final note, Blizzard doesn’t have any plans to ban anyone using the name McCree or delete community content.

“We understand that it’s going to take time to get used to Cowboy’s new identity,” Andy added before including one final glimpse behind the scenes. “Heck we’ve been working through adjusting our language internally to reflect the change (referring to him as Cowboy).”

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Amusingly, some Overwatch League casters had already begun referring to McCree as “cowboy” before the name change was officially announced.

In any case, expect to see more about the name change and how it happens sometime in 2021.