Super explains why Overwatch 2 healing changes are “not good” for new meta

Super explains why Overwatch 2 healing changes are "not good" for new metaTwitter: Super / Blizzard

San Francisco Shock pro Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi had a chance to test Overwatch 2 for several hours, and although its release is still a while away, he revealed one thing about healers that felt “not so good” compared to its predecessor.

Overwatch 2 is not going to release anytime soon. However, the developers are working hard to try to get the game up to scratch.

They invited some pro players, including Super, to take part in a ‘pro playtest.’ It revealed a new game mode, hero reworks, and more.

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But after sinking his teeth into the game, Super revealed a new gameplay feature that makes healers weaker while making DPS heroes stronger. He claims it made the game feel “kind of sh*t” and “not good.”

Super competing at an OWL eventRobert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
Super won two Overwatch League championships.

“The thing that really felt kind of sh*t was that if you are in combat and you take damage, for four seconds after you take damage, you receive 25% less healing,” he said.

It’s a new feature that was absent in the original game.

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To make matters worse, he explained that there’s “no visual cue” to let you know that you’re healing less. “It felt really not good,” he added. “It just felt like healers were literally weaker.”

He’s also concerned about how it stacks up against the fact there’s only one tank to take the brunt of all the damage. In turn, it made DPS heroes feel ‘overpowered’ compared to other roles, and he wasn’t impressed.

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Super did mention that it was only an ‘alpha’ version of the game. So, although his first impression wasn’t great, he isn’t jumping to conclusions just yet. Still, that hasn’t stopped fellow players from expressing their concerns on social media.

“I don’t even understand how that fits into the greater design,” said one player. “Do they just want healers to be beta DPS who can’t bail anybody out with their healing? It makes zero sense.”

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At present, though, fans shouldn’t expect the change to stick around. In the game’s forums, AndyB, Community Manager, noted that it’s “unlikely to make it through to the live game, as it is now”, noting that it’s “only a test change” at this point in time.

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