Overwatch 2 players want Marvel crossover like Fortnite

Andrew Highton
widowmaker and captain america in overwatch 2 and fortnite

Skins and themed events are frequent in Overwatch 2, but the community thinks that Blizzard needs to dip into the Fortnite well and strike a deal with Marvel for a special crossover.

Even though they are separate entities, live service games such as Overwatch 2 and Fortnite have some obvious similarities. They embrace the concept of Battle Passes, each game drops seasonal content, and they have cool crossovers.

One of the most notable though has to be Fortnite’s partnership with Marvel. Under the entertainment conglomerate that is Disney, Marvel has become bigger than ever in the last decade or so. The rise of the MCU has taken the brand to new heights, which makes it all the more impressive that Fortnite was able to land exclusive Marvel-based content.

Blizzard is no slouch, and even though the game has welcomed One Punch Man to the franchise, players want the game to step up and bring Marvel to OW2.

Will Blizzard do an Overwatch 2 and Marvel crossover?

Using some fan-created art, Overwatch 2 Reddit user lankydangly asked the Hero shooter’s fanbase: “Do you think Blizzard will make a Marvel crossover?”

The attached art included two examples of potential tie-ins: Soldier 76 as Cyclops and Zenyatta as the one and only Dr Strange. “I’d love some more obscure characters like Punisher 76, Destroyer Reinhardt, or Rouge Echo? As she copies abilities?” said one user.

There was certainly a ton of appreciation for the thought and welcoming of the concept, however, fans think there’s one major stumbling block preventing a Fortnite-sized Marvel crossover from happening – money.

“I don’t think Blizzard has the money to pay Disney for a crossover. Disney doesn’t need the crossover either. A crossover does more for Blizzard than it does for Disney,” explained an OW2 player.

Another added: “It’d be fun and I’ll be all for it, but at this point in time Blizzard can’t afford Marvel. Blizzard can stick to anime and maybe game crossovers. That’s all they’re worth atm.”

As the wait for Overwatch 2 Season 6 goes on along with the arrival of the long-awaited PvE missions, speculation such as this will continue to stoke the fires as players seek bigger and better things for the online multiplayer game.