Pokemon Go trainer inspires community through their fitness journey

Philip Trahan
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As an augmented reality game, Pokemon Go naturally requires players to get up and move. As one trainer recently shared, this makes it an excellent way to get in some extra exercise.

The trainer in question made a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit saying, “I’m overweight working on getting in better shape, did this for the first time and I’m proud of this.”

They shared a screenshot that showed they walked a staggering 52.4 km, or 32.5 miles, in just one week.

Since Pokemon Go tracks certain metrics, the trainer ended up walking over 72,000 steps and burned nearly 1,400 calories.

The OP’s post gained traction among the mobile game’s community, with fans congratulating the hardworking player in the comments.

Others shared their own fitness journeys thanks to Pokemon Go. “I’ve been consistently doing 48 km for the past couple of weeks. It’s frustrating because it’s not 50, but it’s much better than what I was doing a couple of months ago,” said one trainer before congratulating the OP.

Another fan geared their Pokemon Go self-improvement toward their mental health. “I’ve been using Pokemon Go to encourage myself to walk more for mental health and…well, it works, lol,” said a different player. I might just be getting outside for a cool/shiny Pokemon, but at least I’m outside and walking!”

Some trainers offered handy fitness tips surrounding Pokemon Go’s Adventure Sync feature.

One player explained, “Fun fact: If you have Adventure Sync ON and the game is CLOSED (not minimized), any steps you take with your phone in your pocket will be converted to hatch distance on your eggs. “This includes a treadmill, even though GPS-wise, you aren’t moving.”

It’s never easy to start a fitness journey, but as with most things, one needs to enjoy it first and foremost. As such, Pokemon Go may just be the perfect gateway for trainers looking to get a bit more active.

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