How to superjump in Overwatch 2 with Sojourn

OW2 gameplayBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have already discovered a way to boost the jump height of the game’s newest hero: Sojourn.

The so-called ‘superjump’ is well known among Mercy players, as it grants her even more mobility by combining her jump and Guardian Angel abilities.

Now, in a similar vein, players in the Overwatch 2 beta have figured out how to give Sojourn a little extra boost using a jump combined with her Powerslide move.

How to superjump with Sojourn in Overwatch

You can use jump during Sojourn’s Powerslide to send her flying up in the air, but this isn’t the maximum amount of hang time she’s capable of.

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Instead, it takes a clever combo of both to pull off. However, if you have trouble with Mercy’s superjump, don’t worry, as Sojourn’s is much easier to master.

Using Dorado’s second point as an example, the video above posted to Reddit by Mindful_Gamer does an excellent job of explaining how the “Sojourn Jump” works.

Oddly enough its not started by using Powerslide, instead, it begins with a jump, quickly followed by a slide. Just after pressing the button to slide, you’ll want to jump again, which should propel you a little but further up.

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It’s not as massive of a boost as Mercy sees from her superjump, but it’s enough to propel Sojourn up to areas she otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Sojourn in overwatch 1Blizzard Entertainment
Sojourn is fairly mobile already, but this newly-discovered technique provides a good bit of flexibility as well.

Whether or not this technique will get patched out remains to be seen, as we’re still technically only in beta. But, this does make it crystal clear that there’s more to the newest Overwatch hero than meets the eye.