Overwatch 2 ranked system slammed as Gold player with 5-30 record hits Diamond

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch 2 winston with gold and diamond ranked icons

The Overwatch 2 community is stunned after a Gold player somehow managed to rank up to Diamond despite losing 30 games and only managing to win 5.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 finally upgraded the competitive mode with a slew of new changes that combine what players enjoyed about the first game’s ranked system with the new one, but there seem to still be a few kinks that need to be ironed out.

The new season also introduced a rank reset, giving players ample opportunity to climb the ladder. However, at least one player appears to be benefitting a bit too much from this.

Enter Reddit user ‘supertfhatewatcher,’ who posted a screenshot showing their progress towards Diamond 4. The problem? The record isn’t exactly worthy of leaving the metal ranks just yet.

Overwatch 2 player keeps ranking up despite abysmal record

According to the tank player, they had finished Gold 5 last season and were not winning very many games to kick off Season 9.

“I was around gold 5 last season and so far this season I am like 5W-30L, but every time I win I get huge sr gains,” they said.

In the screenshot, the player’s rank progress goes up a huge amount for winning their last game, even though it was a match their team was “expected” to win.

While the player may be benefitting from a possible bug with the ranked system, they added that they’re tired of being in matches where they’re out of their depth.

“I am tired of losing so much and would like to be back in my original rank,” they added. “I am not Diamond. Stop giving me 60% per win and -9% for a loss!”

In the comments, users were equally as perplexed as they tried to figure out what could be causing these rapid gains.

junker queen thumbs down in ow2
Overwatch 2’s improved ranked system still has some flaws.

“Yeah, I don’t understand that this season? 65% WR should be plenty for climbing; even 55% should slowly see a climb. But losses are worth so much nobody’s moving correctly imo,” one wrote.

“I was on a winstreak for about 10-15 games and each win only granted about 23% each,” another chimed in.

‘Calibrating’ your MMR is higher/lower than your SR so the game is trying to get you to where it thinks you belong in as few games as possible so you won’t throw games you’re not good enough to be in or smurf for long,” someone else remarked.

Others were jealous of the Gold, now Diamond, player and wished they could somehow switch places, but so far, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is experiencing a similar “issue.”

It will be interesting to see if this keeps up and if the player could end up being the first to reach the elusive Champion 1 rank all because of a flaw with the competitive mode.