Overwatch 2 players identify riskiest one-tricks to have on your team

Theo Burman
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The Overwatch 2 community has devised a list of some of the riskiest one-tricks to get on your team- and there’s no prizes for guessing who placed first.

One-tricks have been in the game since the original launched in 2016. When a game is so heavily built around individual characters and their playstyles, it’s only natural that some players gravitate toward one character in particular.

However, not everyone is as good at their hero of choice as the next player. The difference between a Top 500 Genji main and a hardstuck silver Genji main is basically night and day. And when there’s a one-trick on your team who’s refusing to swap, things can get a little difficult.

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It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter a player who doggedly refuses to swap off their hero despite underperforming while playing Overwatch, but does it happen more with some heroes than others?

Overwatch 2 players blast Widow one-tricks as “hit-or-miss”

In a post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, one player outlined how they thought that Lucio mains were “the worst offenders” when it came to being bad at their hero.

“He’s such a high skill ceiling character mechanically, but also since speed boost’s benefit is much less obvious than anti or suzu, he requires immense amounts of gamesense, that most players just don’t have.”

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However, the top choice for other players was definitely Widowmaker, with the highest comment saying: “It’s not even close. Either they’re shutting down the enemy team and are terrible to play against. Or they do absolutely nothing.”

Another player said that they were “also the least likely to swap based on enemy comp.”

It doesn’t look like the Widow mains are beating the allegations any time soon.

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