Overwatch 2 players spot possible Torbjorn skin in Seeds of Order event

Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 players may have spotted a possible new Torbjorn skin in the newest Seeds of Order Event, with the hero dressed up as a gnome. 

With every new event, Overwatch’s devs seem to be in the habit of adding references and teasers to either new skins, or bit of lore from the Overwatch universe. Now, it seems no different with the newest event, Seeds of Order.

In the new Seeds of Order challenge, players can earn a plethora of rewards by completing challenges, such as Symmetra skin, a new voiceline, and a souvenir. 

However, eagle eyed players noticed that the souvenir, named the “Garden Gnome Souvenir” was not only modeled after Torbjorn, it may even be a teaser to a new Torb skin for Season 5

In a Reddit thread on the Overwatch forum, a player pointed out that the souvenir not only bares resemblance to Torb, it’s even matching Season 5’s theme of fantasy events, Questwatch and Mischief & Magic.

“Next season is fantasy themed and this souvenir looks suspiciously like Torb and it matches the theme for next season,” they wrote in their post. 

A user suggested that this could be the next garden themed skin the devs are planning on releasing, as currently Symmetra and Ana both have skins of the same theme. 

Some are speculating that it could be part of a battle pass skin for Overwatch 2 Season 5, as the battle pass usually include skins which all fit a theme. 

Others seem to hope that the skin would add new voice lines which would change his usual lines to be more garden-themed. “Torbjorn, ready to garden,” a player jokingly said. 

However, we will have to wait and see if it really is a teaser for a new skin coming in Season 5, or a cheeky reference to Torbjorn’s similarity to a gnome. 

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