Overwatch 2 job listing hints at new types of cosmetic rewards in development


A new job listing for the Overwatch 2 team has hinted at some new types of cosmetic rewards that are under development. 

In the latest Season of Overwatch 2, fresh cosmetics have been a point of hype for many fans. With the recently released One Punch Man collabs, and the updated OWL skins, fans have been treated to a nice array of cosmetics both for free and to buy.

And now, it seems Overwatch is planning on releasing more cosmetic rewards down the line, though cosmetics of a new variety, if a recent job listing is to be believed. 

According to a new job listing posted on Blizzard’s careers site, they are looking to hire a Senior Game Producer in the Character Cosmetics department. Their job would entail creating new cosmetics for characters, and apparently helping develop all-new types of cosmetic rewards for the game. 

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As the listing says, the position will be responsible for the “development of new cosmetic reward types to the latest over-the-top D.VA skin.”

one punch man overwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s collab with OPM also includes many cosmetic rewards.

It is unclear what these new cosmetic rewards will entail, nor whether they’d be premium or free to all players. We could see anything from new methods of customization to HUD overlays or anything in-between, it truly is anyone’s guess.

The new hiring could also bring in a new wave of collaborations with other intellectual properties. As the Overwatch devs have revealed they are very open to doing more of them in the future given the success of the OPM bundles. 

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But this is all speculation, and we do not know definitively what the devs have planned just yet. We’ll be sure to update you here as any further details emerge.