Overwatch players think upcoming skins are teasing a new OW2 PvE Archives mission

overwatch 2 polar skinsBlizzard Entertainment

A pair of upcoming Overwatch 2 skins could be teasing players in preparation for a PvE story mission on the way.

Overwatch 2’s PvE isn’t here just yet, but it’s still set to arrive later this year – and players think that Blizzard is sneakily preparing them for one of those future missions.

Not much is currently known about the OW2 PvE campaign, but the devs have revealed that they plan to slowly release it over time and they could slowly but surely preparing players through in-game assets.

As spotted by a few players, a pair of Legendary skins titled ‘Polar Tracer’ and ‘Polar Sojourn’ are listed as future items coming to the Shop, and users believe they could be tied to a PvE mission.

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Are these Overwatch 2 skins teasing a PvE campaign?

The Tracer and Sojourn skins were actually teased way back in 2022, but they’ve remained absent from the game until now.

Previously, Reinhardt, Mercy and Baptiste were shown each in their own “Polar” gear in what appears to be an early shot of the Antarctic Peninsula map that was just released for Season 3.

On Twitter, users began to suggest that Blizzard could be using these skins to hype up a future PvE mode, especially as the Archives event normally comes out in April.

In the original Overwatch, there were three special Archives events that included story missions, giving players their first opportunity to experience PvE gameplay.

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“Could this maybe be skins for a new Archives event PvE? Since Archives is right around the corner! I know these skins were shown a while ago but mostly the skins that get added into the gallery are obtainable soon,” one excited fan wrote.

“A new antarctic mission coming soon? Season 4?” another pondered.

“Are these the canon skins from the story mode for when they drop into the arctic?” someone else asked.

We’ll have to find out what the developers have in store with these cosmetics and if they actually end up leading to the first OW2 campaign mission.

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Interestingly, these theories come as Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss teased a content roadmap would be coming soon.