Overwatch 2 players furious with “lazy” Hanzo Mythic skin in Season 7 update

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 Hanzo Mythic

Overwatch 2 players aren’t particularly thrilled with the Season 7 Mythic skin for Hanzo, with many lashing out at its “lazy” design compared to previous cosmetics at the same tier.

When Overwatch 2 first rolled out with its new seasonal model, Mythic skins were announced as the very last reward in any given Battle Pass, instantly making them the most prestigious cosmetics with an all-new tier above Legendary.

Making them wholly original, Mythic skins were the first in Overwatch history to allow for customization. Starting out with a Genji skin, players had 11 different options to pick from in order to make their version of the cosmetic stand out from others online.

However, in the seasons that have followed, players have noticed a trend. Those customizable options are growing more limited with each new release, and Season 7’s Mythic Hanzo skin appears to have been a step too far as the community is now pushing back.

With Overwatch 2 Season 7, fans are treated to the Onryō Hanzo Mythic skin at the end of the current Battle Pass. Upon its reveal, however, many were already quick to label it the “worst ever” due to its rather tame design.

Now that it’s out in the wild, the early criticism has only blossomed. In comparison to the aforementioned Genji Mythic with 11 points of customization, Hanzo’s Mythic has just five. Two weapon designs and three colors.

“This is just lazy,” one player said on Reddit. “Blizzard is actively mocking the community at this point, you can’t make this up,” another added.

“They’re really getting worse with each season,” “That’s just plain sad,” and “they just don’t care anymore,” are some of the more common responses to the lack of customization. Evidently, the community isn’t too pleased with the state of Mythic skins as “the lines have blurred” with Legendary cosmetics.

While the Season 7 update comes with a range of new cosmetics, including some inspired by Diablo 4, the near-unanimous backlash to this update’s Mythic may have Blizzard reevaluating its plans for future cosmetics at the highest tier.

For now, devs are yet to address this uproar head-on, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted should that change in the coming weeks.

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