Overwatch 2 players elated as the cow on Busan has finally been fixed

overwatch 2 busan cowBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players are elated after noticing that the cow inflatable on the map Busan now has the correct physics applied, allowing it to jiggle like normal.

Overwatch 2’s colorful cast of heroes has an equally colorful cast of maps for players to do battle on. From the classic streets of London in the King’s Row map to the sunny beaches of Paraíso, there’s definitely no shortage when it comes to variety for maps in Overwatch 2.

Alongside the maps featuring various locations, almost all of them have cute little easter eggs or bonuses, which reward players that explore the map instead of contesting the objective.

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One of these maps in particular hosts a large inflatable cow above them. Busan is a control point map, meaning there are three different stages that teams can play on. One of those is Downtown, which is exactly what players expect, a Downtown-esque area of Busan, with busy streets and shops.

Downtown has plenty of neat easter eggs within it, including a train that runs through near the point, an arcade machine that’s similar to Dance Dance revolution, and even a full-on karaoke club, where certain heroes will sing if players bring them to the microphone.

overwatch 2 karaoke roomBlizzard
Busan hosts one of the only spawn rooms with an in-built karaoke room.

By far the best easter egg in all of the Downtown Busan map, however, is the big inflatable cow outside of one of the team’s spawn rooms. This massive inflatable cow looks over at the spawn, almost begging players to interact with it.

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Players that fire at the cow will realize how wavy the inflatable actually is, and it’s incredibly goofy to watch it jiggle around as you fire your ammunition into it. However, the cow inflatable has been bugged for quite some time, causing its physics to not jiggle the way that players have come to expect.

Fortunately, Blizzard was smart enough to know what the player base wanted and made sure to fix arguably the most important aspect of the game. The cow’s jiggle physics were fixed in the most recent patch released into the game, with the community absolutely elated by the announcement. One user even posting a celebratory video of the cow jiggling to music.

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Blizzard loved the creativity of this thanks and even highlighted the video in a tweet on the official Play Overwatch Twitter page. Players were quick to thank Blizzard for all their hard work and were glad to see that peace had once again been restored to Downtown Busan.