Overwatch 2 cosplayer’s Genji outfit is so good even Blizzard loves it

genji posing in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Genji is one of Overwatch’s most agile characters and has a badass look, and one cosplayer has pulled off an unbelievable job of recreating the character’s new skin.

Some significant changes are currently locked in place for Overwatch 2’s debut and this includes the long-awaited cross-progression option to play the game across multiple formats whilst retaining your save data, and also the end of the game’s controversial loot boxes.

One subtle change that can sometimes go under the radar in favor of huge gameplay changes though is cosmetic changes to established characters.

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A popular choice that has undergone a mini-transformation is Genji, a cyborg ninja that excels in fast-paced combat, and he’s gained some layers in Overwatch 2.

Genji cosplay catches the attention of Blizzard

Genji will be sporting some slick new gear to cover up his steely exterior that was always exposed as he ran around the first game’s various maps.

In Overwatch 2, the character now sports a hoodie with matching shoes and some athletic track pants. To celebrate this makeover, Instagram user jon_reming put together an amazing cosplay costume with the perfect pictures and angles to show it off.

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In the post’s caption, the user simply said: “The Dragon becomes me!” in reference to one of Genji’s most famous lines of dialogue.

The post has received hundreds of likes and one of the comments came directly from the official Blizzard Instagram account and said: “Love the reflection shot!”

overwatch genji cosplay on instagramjon_reming

This would have been great affirmation for the cosplayer and will hopefully inspire future cosplays. Overwatch players are no stranger to cosplaying their favorite characters as we’ve previously seen unbelievable interpretations of Ashe, Mercy, and also D.Va too.

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We are quickly closing in on Overwatch 2, which is due to drop as a free-to-play title for major platforms on October 4, 2022, and players will now have to wait for the game’s full release as Blizzard has revealed why they won’t be doing another beta between now and the release date.

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