Overwatch 2 players declare Prop Hunt the game’s best mode

Andrew Highton
genjis in overwatch 2 prop hunt

Overwatch 2’s Prop Hunt game mode has gone down an absolute treat with the community and has some of them “crying laughing” and saying it’s the best mode the FPS title has to offer right now.

With reports of Overwatch 2 engagement on the decline and players boycotting the upcoming addition of the PvE missions, Prop Hunt is turning out to be a breath of fresh air for disgruntled fans of the Hero shooter.

In its brief time in Overwatch 2, we’ve seen players embracing some outrageous strategies to evade enemy players, and we’ve also seen props actually fighting back! All-in-all, the OW2 player base seems to be having a genuine blast with the mode and calling it better than “literally any Overwatch Mode.”

Prop Hunt is now the best Overwatch 2 game mode?

It can sometimes be easy to forget that games are supposed to be fun, that’s why most people play them in the first place. When you consider much of the negativity surrounding Overwatch 2 as of late, it’s positive to see the community reacting joyously to a new feature.

“Am I losing it, or is Prop Hunt actually kinda…fun?” was the title of a recent post on the OW2 subreddit. The OP ran through their explanation: “It’s not perfect but it feels really refreshing! Everyone in my lobbies just seems to be having a good time, including myself. Maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve seen everyone enjoying themselves in a match. I burned through like 6 hours on this one game mode just crying laughing and I wanna keep playing!”

One user said: “No, it’s fun. Easily my favorite event mode since it became OW2. I can actually play it for extended periods of time before getting bored.” Whereas another OW2 player chimed in: “I really hope they consider making it a permanent mode on rotation in Arcade. Would love to play more maps in this mode, maybe tweak it a little bit.”

Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator BroYouWack pretty much declared the mode to be the best that Overwatch 2 currently has to offer: “OW2 Prop Hunt > Literally any Overwatch Mode.”

Like any other game mode in the Arcade, we expect Prop Hunt will be rotated around from time to time. With Overwatch 2 Season 6 fast approaching, we imagine the devs have been thrilled with the reaction to Prop Hunt and it could easily become a regular inclusion moving forward.

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