Overwatch 2 prop hunt is becoming a massacre as props are fighting back

Patrick Dane

Overwatch 2 players are coming up with devious strategies as props to take out hunters in new prop hunt mode. 

Overwatch 2 is winding down on its Season 5, which is seeing Questwatch and the game’s fantasy-flavored season come to a close. This has been one of the quieter seasons when it comes to new content, but it’s ending with an interesting twist. 

Recently, Blizzard released a Prop Hunt mode into the game, with magic Kirikos turning into various inanimate objects around the map. They then run around the map and try to blend in with the scenery. Then it’s up to Genji’s to find and dispose of any misplaced props. 

However, Blizzard hasn’t left the props defenseless. They have access to a Cassidy flash and Moira fade to run away from a Genji when they’re rumbled. Importantly, they also have a melee they can use to do a tiny bit of damage.

However, that tiny bit of damage can build up with all of the props grouped together to take down an enemy. So, the props have started to fight back. 

Props are working together to hunt the hunters

In several Reddit threads, players are sharing clips of themselves bullying unsuspecting Genjis unaware of the old adage, “props together, strong.”

One clip posted by Reticulum217 shows a small huddle of props huddling together to take down a couple of Genji who are about to expose them. They then stun them and group up to punch them all to death. 

Another clip from Greeno_x is particularly brutal. It shows some devious props waiting outside the spawn room of the hunters. They wait for the doors to open and then continually stun all five, mowing them down with their barrage of melees. 

This has introduced a pretty interesting dynamic in the game mode, opening up new avenues outside of players just hunting for each other. However, it’s undeniably unnerving to see a bunch of barrels swarm a poor Genji until he is no more. 

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