Blizzard ends Overwatch 2 prop hunt bloodshed by nerfing Kiriko

Patrick Dane
Overwatch Kiriko

Blizzard has removed the ability for rogues to kill hunters in the game’s prop hunt-esque mode, Mischief & Magic. 

Overwatch 2’s extra-curricular activities haven’t always been the most successful. While Lucio Ball has its lovers, there are plenty of arcade modes that haven’t quite hit the mark for players. 

That hasn’t been the case for the game’s prop hunt mode Mischief & Magic. It has seemingly been a smash hit with some players hoping it doesn’t just stick around but sees new maps and an expansion on the idea. 

It’s made way to lots of very funny clips online, from ingenious hiding spots and players pretending to be moving objects. However, perhaps the most frightful were the ones where gangs of props were teaming up on poor, unsuspecting hunters to kill them. 

It was funny, but worked against the grain of the spirit of prop hunt. It seems the Blizzard team has now stepped in to stop the bloodshed of hunters. 

Blizzard has stepped in to stop props from killing hunters

Blizzard has issued a hotfix for the mode, removing Kiriko’s melee. The Executive Producer of Overwatch 2 Jared Neuss took to Twitter to announce the nerf to the props. He said: “We just released a hotfix for Mischief & Magic to prevent Rogues from eliminating Knights.”

He added he was conflicted about the change, stating: “While I, Jared, am saddened by this hotfix I can begrudgingly admit that it’s the right thing to do for the mode right now. Time to put away my kunai and re-sharpen my hiding my skills.”

While it is sad to see props no longer able to work together to kill hunters, it does make sense. Players may lament the loss of the melee ability, but it moves the game further back into the spirit of classic prop hunt modes though. 

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