Overwatch 2 player fools lobby with “ingenious” Prop Hunt tactic

Andrew Highton
overwatch 2 prop hunt objects

Overwatch 2 has welcomed Prop Hunt to its ever-growing list of game modes. It hasn’t taken long for the community to find some truly incredible tactics to use to trick other players in the match.

If you’ve never played Prop Hunt, then you’re missing out. Overwatch 2 gives players the chance to experience the chaos and confusion of Prop Hunt. Quite simply, one team becomes props commonly found in OW2 and must disguise themself as the map. The other team must hunt them down and shoot anything they deem suspicious in the hopes of eliminating them.

It becomes a true battle of wits as the defending team also gets to morph into new objects. Prop Hunt is a relatively new addition to the game, ahead of the hotly anticipated Season 6, and one play has certainly captured the imagination of the player base.

Overwatch 2 Prop Hunt play “is so smart”

“To hide as a prop, you must become the prop,” said Reddit user SammyIsSeiso. They were certainly not wrong either.

Showcasing how to become a sleuth in Prop Hunt, the OP attached a video of themself blending into the Blizzard World map during a game. In the clip, they became one of the eagle train cars you see circling around a fixed circuit. Needless to say, it did a good job of fooling the opposition!

The enemies had no clue that the user was essentially an impostor, and one commenter said: “That’s actually ingenious.” Whereas another player added: “This is so smart lmao. Gotta try it.”

Another user offered another way to confuse your foes: “I’ve been using the shark prop and sticking on the pole next to the actual shark and it looks perfect. I have yet to be spotted and it’s hilarious. Took me a minute to realize I can freeze on higher surfaces and it seems since it’s new, not a lot have figured that out yet.”

As with many things, Prop Hunt won’t be around forever, so we advise getting into it ASAP. It’s helping to take away from some of the more negative issues in the game right now such as the game’s Battle Pass and also the “lazy” Ana skin model.

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