Overwatch 2 community urges players not to buy story missions to send a message

Brianna Reeves
overwatch 2 story missions

Overwatch 2 players say they want to send Blizzard a message by not buying the story missions content scheduled to release in August.

At this summer’s Xbox Games Showcase, Blizzard lifted the veil on Overwatch 2’s biggest update yet, Invasion. It’ll come packed with a new PvP game mode – Flashpoint – and a Hero Mastery mode.

Arguably, Invasion’s most exciting addition will come in the form of three story missions, but, unlike the core game, players must pay to enjoy the story content.

Overwatch 2 users interested in these missions should expect to spend $15 on the Invasion Bundle. In addition to the three missions, the bundle will include 1,000 Overwatch Coins, a Sojourn Legendary skin, and permanent access to playable Sojourn.

As Invasion’s due date draws near, Overwatch faithful are debating whether or not the new content will be worth the cost of entry.

Overwatch 2 fans say not buying story missions sends a message

A Reddit user who goes by Megaspectree is urging fellow Overwatch 2 players to not buy the story content if they already hate the game in its current state.

“If you’re having mixed feelings, just don’t waste your $15, [which would prove] to Blizzard that the game is fine.” The Redditor added that ignoring the Invasion Bundle “sends a way better message.”

overwatch 2 story missions

As one would expect, opinions on this stance are mixed at best. Some say they’ll buy the bundle; meanwhile, others claim they’ll get their fix from watching playthrough videos or Twitch streams.

The prevailing thought seems to be that most Overwatch 2 users will buy the story missions, then log in to Reddit to complain. “Nah, everyone is going to buy them. Just like everyone complained about the overpriced Kiriko witch skin, yet you would see it every game.”

Someone else joked, “but how will they be able to come to Reddit and say it’s trash and such, and that people are stupid for buying it if they don’t buy it?”

Discontent within the Overwatch 2 community has been on the rise in the last few months. Following the cancellation of the long-awaited PvE mode, Blizzard announced the paywalled story missions to the chagrin of fans.

Those looking forward to the content can pick up the Invasion Bundle on August 10.

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