Overwatch 2 players blast Blizzard’s “low effort” cosmetics in expensive bundles

Overwatch 2 audio transcriptionBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have it out at the quality of the cosmetics found in Blizzard’s paid bundles, calling them “low effort” when you consider how much real money they cost.

The decision to make Overwatch 2 free to play and switch to the Battle Pass model found in similar games has been a successful one. Since the sequel’s launch on October 4, millions of players have dropped in to see what all the fuss is about, many for the first time.

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However, many returning players feel that going F2P has given Blizzard license to ramp up the price of its microtransactions and that the Battle Pass rewards aren’t worth the cost.

On top of the seasonal Battle Pass, players can also unlock new skins for their favorite heroes by buying bundles from the store with their real money. But so far, fans haven’t been impressed with the quality of what’s on offer.

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Reddit user vault_guy posted a screenshot of a Weapon Charm included in the Merry Outlaw bundle for Ashe. It shows that the rope which should tie the money pouch charm isn’t properly aligned.

It’s only a small design problem, but the OP felt that shows that Blizzard are “riding the low effort train but asking big money,” referencing the fact that the bundle costs 1400 of the in-game currency.

“15$ for that bundle but can’t even connect the rope correctly…” said one disgruntled player. “Ironic it’s part of the Robin hood skins as well,” joked another.

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Other players responded by saying this isn’t the only example of skins and cosmetics having frustrating oversights.

“The wings of Mercy’s Valkyrie skin just go through the shield that she wears on her back,” pointed out one reply. “But hey it would cost even more if they had to invest more time making those skins.”

Issues like this only seem to be adding to the community’s issues with the pricing in Overwatch 2, with many believing that the cosmetics on sale aren’t up to scratch.

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“Absolute disgrace, no idea how this passed QA and how the game designers expect us to pay for this shitty product,” said another angry reply. “Biggest cash grab I have ever seen. OW2 is a joke.”

Only time will tell if Blizzard decides to review the cost of its bundles, but it appears that Overwatch 2 players are desperate to see better-quality cosmetics in the future.