Overwatch 2 players call out Blizzard over “insane” microtransaction prices

Cyber Demon GenjiBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s microtransactions have proven incredibly unpopular, with many of the game’s community voicing their anger over the pricy nature of skins and in-game items. 

Unlike the original game, Overwatch 2 has removed lootboxes and instead replaced them with a Battle Pass and in-game microtransactions. While this isn’t exactly anything new for a free to play title, the Overwatch community has called out Blizzard for its “greedy” pricing of in-game purchases. 

In fact, certain cosmetics can take a tremendous amount of grinding to unlock, especially the Legendary and Mythic skins. The playerbase has even noted how now even simple sprays and character voice lines can set you back a large number of Legacy coins, which has further fueled the community’s frustrations.

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Overwatch 2 players blast pricey microtransactions

“The lootbox system may have had its flaws but it actually made me want to play the f*cking game,” explained one player. “Like I touch the game and I feel dirty. Even Apex f*cking Legends, which is owned by EA and has a lootbox system so players actually get things for playing.” 

So far, players need to grind the Battle Pass to unlock certain character skins like the Cyber Demon Genji, which can take a huge amount of time. Even if players want to purchase certain skins, they’ll only get a handful of Legacy coins from completing in-game challenges and ranking up the BP. 

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Overwatch 2 Junker QueenBlizzard
Certain Overwatch skins are locked behind the Battle Pass.

It’s because of this, that players have been keen to stress that Overwatch 2 has taken a step back in its rewards for those that are invested in the game. “I don’t want to pay real actual money for something I got in the original game by being loyal and playing. This system is unrewarding and ungrateful to those who have been around since the start of Overwatch 1.”

While lootboxes had proven controversial in Overwatch, players were keen to note that it was the lesser of two evils. “Lootboxes aren’t good, but OW1’s iteration of the lootbox system was great,” replied one commenter. “Safe to say we did have it good in OW1. It only took us up until we saw for ourselves in-game that the monetization was trash, to really see that we had it better in OW1.”

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Whether Blizzard will make adjustments to the pricing of its microtransactions remains to be seen, but for now, the game’s community has voiced their anger over the current system.