Overwatch 2’s April Fools patch gives Ramattra “hilarious” detail

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring April Fools Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

Other than getting the usual googly eyes treatment during April Fools, Ramattra also got this funny detail added in Overwatch 2.

April Fools in Overwatch 2 is a lot more than just wacky ultimate voice lines and giggles. Players can also jump into a limited-time arcade more, where regular abilities and ultimates get tweaked to spice things up.

While these are fun additions to the game, one change you’ll instantly notice when you first load into a match or even just check the hero gallery is the heroes’ appearances. 

Everyone gets a special makeover during April Fools that makes them have googly eyes. Needless to say, this also affects the villainous omnic, Ramattra. What makes things even more interesting, though, is how his weapon looks up close.

As it turned out, one player in a Reddit thread found out that the orb on Ramatra’s weapon also gets its own set of googly eyes for the occasion.

A screenshot featuring Ramattra's weapon in Overwatch 2.
It’s a bit hard to see at certain angles, but the googly eyes are there.

This is a detail that’s not noticeable when playing in first person, but if you look at Ramattra’s weapon via replay from a free-cam view, you’ll see a pair of small googly eyes glued to his orb.

“Discovered this a few days ago, it’s f****ing funny,” one person commented in the thread. 

“Great googly moogly,” another chimed in jokingly.

Meanwhile, other players pointed out that you can see googly eyes in other hero abilities too, such as Lifeweaver’s tree and platform, as well as Reinhardt’s shield.

Heroes and abilities aside, assuming you’ve been sticking to the payload this whole time, you should be able to notice googly eyes on it as well.

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