Overwatch 2 players reveal mechanics they didn’t know existed

Theo Burman
overwatch brig and reinhardt blocking damage

Overwatch 2 players have banded together to discuss a list of the abilities in the game that they didn’t know existed.

The average game of Overwatch is going to have a lot of abilities flying around. Even with the move from 6v6 to 5v5, that’s still 10 characters to keep track of, and with a roster as large as Overwatch’s, there are always going to be a couple of heroes that you don’t have as much experience with.

Luckily, the Overwatch 2 community put together a big list of the game’s more subtle mechanics that it took a while for players to figure out, which should make life easier for future players.

Overwatch 2 players discuss most surprising mechanics in the game

In the post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, one player asked the community: “What’s the most basic mechanic you took way too long to understand about a character?”

The example they used was Baptiste’s jump, which they didn’t know could be charged by crouching to jump higher.

However, other players, quickly chipped in with their own examples of misunderstood mechanics. One of the top voted comments referred to Winston’s relatively new long-range poke ability on his alt-fire, which a user summarised as: “I always forget monke can snipe now”.

Several players agreed, with one saying: “I don’t play monkey and thought he got a patch with random electric bolts shooting out. Then I got him in mystery and accidentally shot one. Like, that was last week.”

Another popular example was Doomfist’s signature Rocket Punch, which one player didn’t know could be cancelled.

“Took me a hot minute to realize you can cancel doom punch. I just kept flying the other way if I didn’t anyone.”

One of the funnier ones was a player who was new to support, who said: “This is really embarrassing but idc. First stepping into the game, I picked up Ana. Shoot your team to heal them. Got it. Picked up Lucio and thought he had the same mechanic. So I spent a whole match shooting my team and beyond confused why they weren’t healing.”

Hopefully they don’t play support in my ranked games.

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