Overwatch 2 player creates research essay about prevalence of feet in hero skins

Liam Ho
Overwatch 2 Zenyatta kicking with Googly Eyes

An Overwatch 2 player has made a research paper answering the important question of how many heroes have feet prevalent in their skins within the game.

Overwatch 2 is filled to the brim with characters and heroes of all shapes and sizes. As a free-to-play game, Blizzard often creates various skins for these characters to sell to players as a form of monetization. Each hero has a healthy amount of skins to their name, often altering their outfits, weapons, and in some cases, footwear.

Back in February 2023, Dexerto reported that the Overwatch Twitter account had once gain posted about the feet of their heroes, much to the disgust of players and community members. Following up on this, an Overwatch player has decided to take it upon themselves to create a research paper discussing the prevalence of feet in Overwatch 2 skins.

Overwatch 2 player forms research paper on skins with feet prevalent

The Reddit post titled, “On The Prevalence of Gripper Skins in Overwatch 2” was created by user BeansAndFungi. BeansAndFungi was quite clear on taking this seriously, with a fully laid out scientific method detailing their findings.

BeansAndFungi made sure to point out that “Grippers” are what they call feet, and they consistently reference the term throughout the post. Next Beans listed out their method for determining what is and what isn’t considered feet in Overwatch 2 skin terms, stating 4 different rules that all skins had to follow. They were also sure to provide an image demonstrating exactly what they meant, with several pictures of heroes’ feet.

From this, they were able to create a detailed account of each character’s skins, as well as which ones showcased their feet.

Compiling all this information, they were able to determine that the Tank role had the highest amount of feet skins with damage, and support following shortly afterward.

Beans wanted to note that they were missing a few skins as they weren’t available to view from the Hero Gallery. They also stated that some skins such as Ekko’s Kkachi skin may be considered feet skin, despite it not meeting the criteria.

Within their discussion, they stated that “depending on your personal preference there are either too many Gripper Skins in Overwatch 2… or there are too few.” Surprisingly, they discovered that there were no skins for poster girl Tracer, which they found to be “ridiculous”. However, there’s no doubt to BeansAndFungi that the Overwatch 2 skin team has a fascination with our little digits.

This isn’t the first time the Overwatch team has shown an interest in heroes’ feet however, as the Overwatch 2 Twitter account has been known to showcase their enjoyment of feet rather frequently to fans.