Overwatch Twitter account disgusts players by posting about heroes feet… again

overwatch 2 feet postBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Twitter has once again got players up in arms by posting feet pictures of in-game characters, this time choosing to show off Hanzo’s sandel clad toes. 

It seems that the person in charge of Overwatch’s Twitter account is unleashing their inner Quentin Tarantino as they have once again posted pictures of a hero’s feet to the disgust of players. 

This time around they have posted Hanzo’s feet from his newly released Cupid skin. In the new skin, the character can be seen rocking what a player so lovingly describes as the Bethlehem 7’s. A play on the naming scheme of Air Jordans.

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Surprisingly, this is not the first time. The Twitter account once posted a very suspicious close up picture of Poseidon Ramattra’s feet. Asking players to “discuss”. Of course, many immediately replied in disgust. 

The San Francisco Shock Twitter replied, “cannot believe I grew eyes for nine months in the womb to see this tweet.”

And once again many have replied at the absurdity of an official Overwatch Twitter account posting their character’s feets. 

The Guangzhou Charge Twitter account coldly replied, “this is foul.” And the Vegas Eternal account tweeted, “you didn’t have to tweet this.”

A Twitter user pointed out that they forgot to mention that Cupid Hanzo has at the bottom of his sandals. 

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Of course, this is all just for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. The team behind Overwatch already has plans to make the game more light hearted as part of its new Season 3. 

Season 3 already has its fair share of wackiness, with the release of a dating sim based on its characters, Loverwatch. A collaboration with One punch Man, turning Doomfist into Saitama. And a way to fish in the new Antarctic Peninsula map. 

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