Twitch streamer Leahviathan concerned Overwatch 2 will just be “the same” as OW

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EXCEL’s newest content creator and Twitch sensation, Leah ‘Leahviathan’ Alexandra, may be a variety streamer these days, but she cut her teeth playing Destiny and Overwatch; and she’s concerned OW2 will be a letdown.

Leahviathan, has played hundreds of games in her streaming career, but Overwatch and Destiny remain two of her favorites.

The latter, however, has fallen into relative obscurity on Twitch as all eyes look to the highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2. With the beta finally making its way into the world, the game’s avid fanbase is finally catching a glimpse of what the finished product will look like.

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While the jury is still out, Leah has added her voice to the chorus, echoing concerns that the next installment in the Overwatch saga may just be a disappointing flash in the pan.

overwatch 2 sojournBlizzard Entertainment
As players finally get their hands on Overwatch 2, will it disappoint?

Leahviathan “keeping an open mind” with Overwatch 2

As questions swirl around the future of Overwatch, Leah remains hopeful but somewhat unconvinced by what’s been shown so far.

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“I’m keeping an open mind with it,” she told Dexerto, “but I’m a bit worried it’s just going to be the same. It’s a bit concerning, because Overwatch was special, it was really special, and then I don’t know what happened; they just stopped nurturing it – which was so bizarre.

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“I’m worried it’s going to be same-same, and I don’t know if they [Blizzard] have focused on the PvE aspect; and if that’s really going to be a draw. [PvE content] works for a small time, but after so long it’s not interesting and it doesn’t have much longevity. You have to have the competitive scene, right?”

twitch streamer leaviathan with destiny 2 witch queen collector's edition statueTwitter: Leahviathan
Overwatch and Destiny were the game’s that helped Leah break out, but will OW2 reignite her love for the shooter?

Concluding that “there’s potential” in the sequel, the future of Overwatch could be a bright one if Blizzard play their cards right. Until then, the game’s community and Leah herself have their fingers crossed that OW2 represents the next generation of Blizzard’s FPS.

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Who knows, we may even see a Leahviathan Overwatch 2 stream it sooner rather than later.